Good fun for you

It`s been a really long time since my sister said that she would also like to try shooting a gun. I was quite surprised because I had no idea that my sister would ever want to fire a gun. That`s why I asked my partner if maybe he knew of anyone who could lend her a gun. My boyfriend immediately started making fun of the fact that guns don`t belong in women`s hands. I can`t tell you how upset I am because I still resent the partner`s black humour, which still only ridicules women. I absolutely don`t understand who could invent black humour, which is mostly completely embarrassing, that I personally can`t even hear it anymore. But to get back to the guns.

The big gun.

Can you give me one real reason why women can`t have guns in their hands? I know that before, somewhere far back in history, it was that women didn`t have guns at all. I think that was because even then men were men. Nowadays, a man is not quite as virile as he once was. So I absolutely don`t see why today`s woman wouldn`t be able to fire a weapon either. Besides, if I put it that way, there are women who are policewomen, too. And they`re legally supposed to be carrying a gun. So when my sister told me that she would actually enjoy being a cop, too, and that she wanted to shoot, I suggested to my sister that she try shooting range in Prague.

You can try it.

Because the shooting range in Prague is really perfect and I`ve heard all kinds of good praise for it. I think that if you know of a club where you can have really a lot of fun, such as shooting, the shooting range will be perfect for you and will keep you entertained. You really don`t have to worry that you won`t know how to hold a gun or that you`re going to get hurt, because there are professionals here and they always tell you how to use a gun. I, too, was scared at first, as was my sister, but we both got through a lot.